Sebastian Hartwig, M.Sc.

Sebastian Hartwig completed his masters degree at the Institute of Media Informatics 2017 before joining the research group Visual Computing.

Research interests

  • Machine Scene Understanding
  • Monocular Depth Estimation
  • Layout Estimation
  • Synthetic data for Deep Learning
  • 3D Reconstruction


My research focus on machine scene understanding like depth and layout estimation. It combines topics of computer vision and computer graphics. Deep learning approaches rely on high quality data sets featuring high numbers of annotated training data. In order to overcome the lack of training data I investigate in generating synthetic data in the context different applications. Photo-realisitc rendering and scene description generation are key components in order to generate high quality training data.

I will be pleased to answer your quetions and provide detailed information for theses. Feel free to come by or just send me an email.

Supervised Theses

  • Scannen von Raumbereichen durch Nutzung von Smartphone Technologie thumbnail
  • Spatial Data Visualizations on 3D Urban Maps thumbnail
  • Optimization of Semantic Segmentation on 3D Radar Point Clouds thumbnail
  • Rendern von HD-Karten thumbnail
  • Deriving 3D scenes using Floorplans for photo-realistic Rendering thumbnail
  • Visualizing Point Cloud Data Using Augmented Reality thumbnail
  • 3D City visualization as an Augmentation to Existing 2D maps thumbnail