Interactive Subsurface Scattering for Materials With High Scattering Distances

Sebastian Maisch

Ulm University

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

Computer Graphics Forum 2020


Existing algorithms for rendering subsurface scattering in real time cannot deal well with scattering over longer distances. Kernels for image space algorithms become very large in these circumstances and separation does not work anymore, while geometry‐based algorithms cannot preserve details very well. We present a novel approach that deals with all these downsides. While for lower scattering distances, the advantages of geometry‐based methods are small, this is not the case anymore for high scattering distances (as we will show). Our proposed method takes advantage of the highly detailed results of image space algorithms and combines it with a geometry‐based method to add the essential scattering from sources not included in image space. Our algorithm does not require pre‐computation based on the scene's geometry, it can be applied to static and animated objects directly. Our method is able to provide results that come close to ray‐traced images which we will show in direct comparisons with images generated by PBRT. We will compare our results to state of the art techniques that are applicable in these scenarios and will show that we provide superior image quality while maintaining interactive rendering times.


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