Dominik Engel, M.Sc.

Dominik Engel joined the Visual Computing Research Group in December 2018. He finished his M.Sc. in 2018 with a focus on Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Deep Learning. Prior to that he completed his Bachelor degree in 2016, also at the University of Ulm.

Research interests

  • Deep Learning Techniques for Computer Graphics
  • Deep Learning in Volume Rendering
  • Differentiable & Neural Rendering
  • Self-Supervised Training and its Emerging Applications



  • Deep Learning for Graphics and Visualization [Contributed Chapter: Generative Models Chapter]
  • Deep Learning for Graphics and Visualization Summer School 2019
  • Deep Learning for Graphics and Visualization Lecture & Exercise [WT19/20, WT20/21, WT21/22]
  • 3D Deep Learning [Contributed Chapters: Automatic Differentiation, Differentiable Rendering, Neural Radiance Fields]
  • 3D Deep Learning Exercise [WT23/24]
  • Visual Computing Seminar Bachelor [ST19, WT19/20, ST20, WT20/21, ST21, WT21/22, ST22, WT22/23, ST23]
  • Visual Computing Seminar Master [ST19, WT19/20, ST20, WT20/21, ST21, WT21/22, ST22, WT23/24]

Finished Projects

  • Deep Learning Dataset Generation using Mitsuba2
  • Differentiable Depth Raycasting

Finished Theses

  • Luca Dubies - “Neural Audio Fields” (Master Thesis)
  • Jan Haßler - “Differentiable Rendering for Constructive Solid Geometry” (Master Thesis)
  • Niklas Trieu - “Generative Models for Order-Independent Point Clouds” (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Jannes Lehwald - “Development of a Context-Aware Simulation-Based Worker Assistance using Human Simulation Data” (Master Thesis)

Open Thesis and Project Topics

I’m currently mainly working on Deep Learning techniques in Computer Graphics and Volume Rendering. I am interested in everything around those topics, specifically Differentible & Neural Rendering and Neural Representations.

If you are interested in writing a thesis that fits in those topics, feel free to send me an email or come by my office.