Visual Verification of Space Weather Ensemble Simulations

Alexander Bock

Asher Pembroke

M. Leila Mays

Lutz Rastaetter

Anders Ynnerman

Linköping University

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

IEEE Scientific Visualisation Conference 2015


We propose a system to analyze and contextualize simulations of coronal mass ejections. As current simulation techniques require manual input, uncertainty is introduced into the simulation pipeline leading to inaccurate predictions that can be mitigated through ensemble simulations. We provide the space weather analyst with a multi-view system providing visualizations to: 1. compare ensemble members against ground truth measurements, 2. inspect time-dependent information derived from optical flow analysis of satellite images, and 3. combine satellite images with a volumetric rendering of the simulations. This three-tier workflow provides experts with tools to discover correlations between errors in predictions and simulation parameters, thus increasing knowledge about the evolution and propagation of coronal mass ejections that pose a danger to Earth and interplanetary travel.


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