Visual Exploration of Seismic Volume Datasets

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

Frank Steinicke

Hamburg University

Klaus Hinrichs



This paper introduces a novel method supporting the interactive exploration of volumetric subsurface data. To facilitate better insights into the datasets we propose the application of focus and context visualization metaphors. Using these metaphors users can emphasize arbitrary parts of a dataset or remove occluding information interactively to focus on the region of interest. In addition to these visualization issues we will explain how the focus and context metaphors can be combined with VR-based interaction techniques to allow the efficient exploration within more immersive VR environments. In particular, we will discuss how to control the focus and context metaphor to highlight the region of interest in combination with the usage of visual bookmarks to track potentially interesting parts within large volumetric subsurface datasets.


	title={Visual Exploration of Seismic Volume Datasets},
	author={Ropinski, Timo and Steinicke, Frank and Hinrichs, Klaus},