Surface Glyphs for Visualizing Multimodal Volume Data.

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

Michael Specht

Jennis Meyer-Spradow

Klaus Hinrichs

Bernhard Preim

Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg



In this paper we present concepts for integrating glyphs into volumetric data sets. These concepts have been developed with the goal to make glyphbased visualization of multimodal volumetric data sets more flexible and intuitive. We propose a surface-based glyph placement strategy reducing visual clutter as well as image-space glyph aggregation. Thus the user is not distracted by unwanted clustering, and his focus of attention can rather be guided using appropriate visual appearances. Furthermore, we present techniques to make the setup of glyph-based visualizations more intuitive. These concepts have been integrated into a user interface which supports easy configuration and comparison of different glyph setups. Based on the chosen setup a visual legend is generated automatically to make a step towards quantitative visual analysis. We will discuss the placement strategy as well as the glyph setup process, explain the used rendering techniques and provide application examples of multimodal visualizations using the proposed concepts.


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