Lang3DSG: Language-based contrastive pre-training for 3D scene graph prediction

Sebastian Koch

Bosch Corporate Research / Ulm University

Pedro Hermosilla

Ulm University

Narunas Vaskevicius

Bosch Corporate Research

Mirco Colosi

Bosch Corporate Research

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

International Conference on 3D Vision 2024


3D scene graphs are an emerging 3D scene representation, that models both the objects present in the scene as well as their relationships. However, learning 3D scene graphs is a challenging task because it requires not only object labels but also relationship annotations, which are very scarce in datasets. While it is widely accepted that pre-training is an effective approach to improve model performance in low data regimes, in this paper, we find that existing pre-training methods are ill-suited for 3D scene graphs. To solve this issue, we present the first language-based pre-training approach for 3D scene graphs, whereby we exploit the strong relationship between scene graphs and language. To this end, we leverage the language encoder of CLIP, a popular vision-language model, to distill its knowledge into our graph-based network. We formulate a contrastive pre-training, which aligns text embeddings of relationships (subject-predicate-object triplets) and predicted 3D graph features. Our method achieves state-of-the-art results on the main semantic 3D scene graph benchmark by showing improved effectiveness over pre-training baselines and outperforming all the existing fully supervised scene graph prediction methods by a significant margin. Furthermore, since our scene graph features are language-aligned, it allows us to query the language space of the features in a zero-shot manner. In this paper, we show an example of utilizing this property of the features to predict the room type of a scene without further training.


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