Interactive Volume Visualization Techniques for Subsurface Data

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

Klaus Hinrichs



In this paper we describe concepts, which support the interactive exploration of subsurface information extracted from seismic datasets. Since in general subsurface information is of volumetric nature, appropriate visualization techniques are needed to provide an insight view to special regions of interest. Usually clipping planes or surface extraction techniques are used for this purpose. We will present an approach, which allows the user to interactively change the visual representation for distinct regions of seismic datasets. Using this technique highlighting of regions of interest as well as clipping against volumetric regions can be realized. Volumetric clipping regions have the potential to assist the user when visually intruding into a 3D dataset by permitting an occlusion free view to inner regions of the dataset. During this process it is desirable to know where the current position is located relative to the whole dataset. We will introduce a 3D widget, which displays information concerning the location and orientation of the virtual camera during the exploration process.


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