From Imprecise User Input to Precise Vessel Segmentations

Stefan Diepenbrock

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 2012


Vessel segmentation is an important prerequisite for many medical applications. While automatic vessel segmentation is an active field of research, interaction and visualization techniques for semi-automatic solutions have gotten far less attention. Nevertheless, since automatic techniques do not generally achieve perfect results, interaction is necessary. Especially for tasks that require an in-detail inspection or analysis of the shape of vascular structures precise segmentations are essential. However, in many cases these can only be generated by incorporating expert knowledge. In this paper we propose a visual vessel segmentation system that allows the user to interactively generate vessel segmentations. Therefore, we employ multiple linked views which allow to assess different aspects of the segmentation and depict its different quality metrics. Based on these quality metrics, the user is guided, can assess the segmentation quality in detail and modify the segmentation accordingly. One common modification is the editing of branches, for which we propose a semi-automatic sketch-based interaction metaphor. Additionally, the user can also influence the shape of the vessel wall or the centerline through sketching. To assess the value of our system we discuss feedback from medical experts and have performed a thorough evaluation.


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