Data-Driven Deep Density Estimation

Patrik Puchert

Ulm University

Pedro Hermosilla

Ulm University

Tobias Ritschel

University College London

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

Neural Computing and Applications 2021


Density estimation plays a crucial role in many data analysis tasks, as it infers a continuous Probability Density Function (PDF) from discrete samples. Thus, it is used in tasks as diverse as analyzing population data, spatial locations in 2D sensor readings, or reconstructing scenes from 3D scans. In this paper, we introduce a learned, data-driven Deep Density Estimation (DDE) to infer PDFs in an accurate and efficient manner, while being independent of domain dimensionality or sample size. Furthermore, we do not require access to the original PDF during estimation, neither in parametric form, nor as priors, or in the form of many samples. This is enabled by training an unstructured convolutional neural network on an infinite stream of synthetic PDFs, as unbound amounts of synthetic training data generalize better across a deck of natural PDFs than any natural finite training data will do. Thus, we hope that our publicly available DDE method will be beneficial in many areas of data analysis, where continuous models are to be estimated from discrete observations.


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