A perceptually optimised Bivariate Visualisation Scheme for high-dimensional Fold-change Data

André Müller

Ulm University

Ludwig Lauser

Ulm University

Adalbert Wilhelm

Psychology and Methods

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

Matthias Platzer

Leibniz Institute on Ageing

Heiko Neumann

Ulm University

Hans Kestler

Ulm University

Advances in Data Analysis and Classification 2020


Visualising data as diagrams using visual attributes such as colour, shape, size, and orientation is challenging. In particular, large data sets demand graphical display as an essential step in the analysis. In order to achieve comprehension often different attributes need to be displayed simultaneously. In this work a comprehensible bivariate, perceptually optimised visualisation scheme for high-dimensional data is proposed and evaluated. It can be used to show fold changes together with confidence values within a single diagram. The visualisation scheme consists of two parts: a uniform, symmetric, two-sided colour scale and a patch grid representation. Evaluation of uniformity and symmetry of the two-sided colour scale was performed in comparison to a standard RGB scale by twenty-five observers. Furthermore, the readability of the generated map was validated and compared to a bivariate heat map scheme.


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