A Multiple View System for Modeling Building Entities

Frank Steinicke

Hamburg University

Timo Ropinski

Ulm University

Klaus Hinrichs

Gerd Bruder

Hamburg University



Modeling virtual buildings is an essential task in the city planning domain whereas several aspects have essential influence. Planners have to deal with different types of potentially multiform datasets; moreover they have to consider certain guidelines and constraints that are imposed on the development areas to which buildings are related. The planning process can be divided into different subtasks with varying requirements regarding the interaction techniques that are used for their accomplishment. To incorporate these aspects multiple view systems have proven enormous potential in order to provide efficient user interfaces. In this paper, we present strategies for modeling virtual building entities via a multiple view system as part of a 3D decision support system that enables the intuitive generation and evaluation of building proposals. City planners have been involved in the design process of the system, in particular the multiple view concepts. Therefore each view of the system, which visualizes different aspects concerning the underlying models, meets the demands of city planners. Furthermore, we present both coupled and uncoupled interaction techniques between different views with respect to requirements of the city planning domain.


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