Julian Kreiser, Dr.

Julian Kreiser joined the Visual Computing Group in April 2015 as research associate. On March 22nd 2021, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis with the title “Projection-Driven Medical Visualization”. He holds a Master of Science which he finished in 2016 at Ulm University in the field of computer science. The title of his Master’s thesis was “Interactive Shadow Based Surface Acquisition”. Prior to his Master’s, Julian studied technical computer science at Ulm University of Applied Science and finished his Bachelor’s in 2013.

Research interests

  • MedVis
  • SciVis
  • InfoVis
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning


  • Visual Computing (Proseminar): WT16/17, WT17/18, ST18, WT18/19, ST19
  • Visual Computing (Seminar): WT15/16, ST16
  • Visual Computing (Project): ST15, WT15/16, ST16, WT16/17, ST17, WT17/18, ST19, WT19/20, ST20, WT20/21, ST21, WT21/22, ST22
  • Data Visualization: ST17, ST20, ST21
  • Interactive Computergraphics: SS22

Open Topics for Theses

My current field of research is mainly a crossover of medical visualization and information visualization. I’m interested in all kinds of project regarding this or similar topics. If you are interested in writing a thesis in this or a similar topic, feel free to write me an eMail or drop by my office.

Supervised Theses

  • Transparent Relief Mapping for Rendering Large-Scale Ground Vegetation in Real-Time thumbnail